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 APM:Plane 3.0.3 released 
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Joined: Tue Jul 02, 2013 3:46 pm
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The ardupilot development team is proud to announce the release of
version 3.0.3 of APM:Plane. This release contains some important bug
fixes for all supported boards.

The key bug fixes in this release are:

- fixed handling of filter divergence in the EKF filter
- fixed a glide slope calculation bug when entering AUTO mode

The EKF fixes are the main focus of this release. During testing of
APM:Plane with the AHRS_EKF_USE enabled it was found that under some
circumstances the EKF could diverge, resulting in loss of attitude
estimate. Unless the pilot quickly took control in MANUAL this could
result in the aircraft crashing.

The fix for this problem was in several parts. The main fix was to
prevent the divergence, but as a precaution against future bugs of
this type additional numerical checks were added to allow the EKF to
automatically reset in flight when the internal state shows
large gyro bias changes, which are the first sign of something going
wrong in the filter. If this happens again the EKF will automatically
disable itself for 10 seconds, allowing APM:Plane to fall back to the
old DCM code. The EKF will then reset itself using initial state based
on the DCM state. The aircraft will report the failure using the AHRS
health bit in the SYS_STATUS MAVLink message.

The default EKF tuning parameters were also updated based on a number
of user supplied flight logs to increase the robustness of the filter.

The second bug fixed in this release relates to the glide slope
calculation when the aircraft enters AUTO mode for the first time when
at an altitude above the altitude of the first waypoint in the
mission. The starting point for the glide slope was incorrectly
calculated using the home altitude, which resulted in the aircraft
descending below the first waypoint altitude before climbing again. In
some circumstances this could lead to a crash due to local terrain.

Many thanks to everyone who tested this release. Special thanks to
Dellarb for reporting the glide slope bug and to Paul Riseborough for
all his work on the EKF code over the last few weeks.

Happy flying!

Sun May 18, 2014 5:06 pm

Joined: Mon May 05, 2014 12:59 pm
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Hi Tridge,

thank you for this release. Good work.

But what about the fix for the ETS airspeed sensor? I think the Pixhawk platform is also affected by this issue.

Eagletree Airspeed sensor V3 on PX4IO


Sun May 18, 2014 10:59 pm

Joined: Tue Jul 02, 2013 3:46 pm
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Sorry for missing this patch for the release! I've pushed it to PX4Firmware now and it will be in the next release, or you can get it in 'latest' now.
Cheers, Tridge

Sun May 18, 2014 11:35 pm

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Thank you :)

Mon May 19, 2014 12:38 am
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thanks a lot, even it is little bit late. I noticed the second problem these days. I was using 3.0.2 and when I switched to auto, airplane started to decent from around 100m to 60m and crash to a tree. It took me one day to repair the pane and lost some small parts. :) need to be careful when I make plan later, don't be close to the trees.... even you are higher...

Tue May 20, 2014 8:34 am

Joined: Tue Oct 22, 2013 12:28 pm
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I'm near winter and bad weather to fly but yesterday was a nice day and I can fly my Skywalker 168 with APM2.0 and 3.03 firm; FBWA perfect, mission changing altitude between waypoints just impressive perfect :o , loiter and RTL well too. Thank's for this great vers :D .
APM 1 with SW 1900 doesn't work well but perhaps it's time to update the APM. ;)

Mon Jun 02, 2014 3:07 pm

Joined: Tue Sep 10, 2013 5:59 pm
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Well I took the plunge and upgraded from 2.72! I can't wait to try it out this weekend. I think my little old fashioned APM 2.5 even looks a bit shinier now :lol:

Is there a tuning guide? I noticed 'auto tune'?? I know copter had this but does plane now too?? Also I will be mothballing my old MT gps but for now that's what I have. 3.0.3 okay with that older gps?

side note.. I had a connection problem with mavlink with 2.72. Only in auto mode.. go figure. Anyway that problem is gone with 3.0.3 :D

Thu Jun 12, 2014 11:58 am
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govsux wrote:
Is there a tuning guide? I noticed 'auto tune'?? I know copter had this but does plane now too?? ... -autotune/

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Thu Jun 12, 2014 1:05 pm
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3.0.3 flies very will - thanks for all the hard work.

Are their any plans to add rudder to Autotune in the future? I can tune it ok manually but it's fairly time consuming. Rudder Autotune would be a nice enhancement.


Mon Jun 16, 2014 1:16 pm

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I got everything hooked up to my 14SG transmitter using a 7003SB telemetry receiver and it looks like everything is working correctly. The only thing I can’t figure out is how to calibrate channels 9 through 12. Please give me a hint.

I will be using channels 9 and 10. I assume that if I set them to pass through they will come out auxiliary outputs 1 and 2. Is that correct?


Fri Jun 20, 2014 12:11 pm
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